Derek Simshauser is the creator and editor-in-chief of The Front Office. He graduated Noble and Greenough School in 2016. He is an upcoming freshman at Brown University.   

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4th and Goal

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NFL Season Long Prop Bets (9/9/15)

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The Scales of Justise: On Winslow's Fall, Kaminsky, and Failed Trades (6/26/15)

Sources Say:

Josh Smith Goes to the Clippers (7/17/15)

Deron Williams headed to Dallas (7/11/15)

Suns Will Look to Extend Brandon Knight (6/29/15)

Blazers Trade Batum to Hornets for Vonleh, Henderson (6/25/15)

Monta Ellis Opts Out with Mavericks (6/24/15)

Boogie is Getting Traded, Until he Isn't (6/23/15)

Heat Reportedly Offer 5 year - $80 Million contract to Dragic (6/21/15)

Lance Stephenson to the Clippers in a Three Player Deal (6/16/15)

Nuggets Hire Mike Malone (6/15/15)

Al Jefferson Remains a Hornet (6/14/15)